Classes & Events

Looking for something beyond our standard sessions? Take a look below, and don’t hesitate to drop us a line if there’s a different kind of event you’d like to try.

NEW CLASS: “Building a One-Shot From Scratch”

Thursday, 9/22, 8pm-10pm EST via Zoom

Want to run a session of D&D, but not sure what story to tell? Join FTATT Dungeon Master Walt McGough for a one-night course where DMs of all skill levels will craft a brand new, narratively satisfying one-shot adventure. We’ll go over the best techniques for structuring a one-shot, from developing quest hooks and NPCs, to building satisfying combat, to leaving lots of flexibility and space for player input. By the end of the class, each student will have brainstormed an adventure concept, and then fleshed it out into a full DM outline that they can use to run the game. Students will also be provided with a one-shot creation worksheet, that distills all of the concepts of the course into a template that can be used to create unique stories again and again.

This course is perfect for DMs who want to try writing their own material, or simply gain insight and inspiration for their home games.


Learn the tricks of the DMing trade! FTATT has started offering classes and workshops for Dungeon Masters of all levels of experience. Topics include:

  • Planning sessions
  • Running the table
  • Managing NPCs
  • Longer Campaigns

Each class will be posted to this page as it’s scheduled, but join our mailing list to be the first to know!


Looking for the perfect team-building activity? Skip the axe-throwing, and throw some dice instead. A game of D&D is a perfect, low-pressure way to increase collaboration, collegiality and charisma among your staff.

Contact us for information on corporate rates, formats and options.

Custom Sessions

FTATT sessions are typically pre-written, but we can also create an entirely new, custom adventure to fit your needs. Past examples have included birthday sessions themed around specific players, and holiday adventures with seasonal touches.

Pricing for these sessions depends on how much extra planning is required. Contact us with your ideas and we’ll work out a quote.