D&D is the perfect game for a fun night with friends. Let us show you why.

First Time at the Table helps people create awesome moments together. We run online, pressure-free games of Dungeons & Dragons for 4-8 players, hosted by a professional game master who makes sure everyone has a blast. No homework, no books to buy, and absolutely no gatekeeping.

How It Works

1. Gather Your Party

FTATT runs games for 4-8 players, so pick whichever friends and loved ones you think would be most helpful in finding a wizard or outsmarting goblins.

2. Pick Your Date

Book your 3-hour session here! We’ll follow up, ask a few questions, and start to prep a story with a beginning, middle & satisfying end.

3. Have an Adventure!

FTATT provides a helpful pre-game info packet. Then, at the appointed time, your party will be whisked away (via Zoom) to a world of magic, myth and silly jokes.

Support Good Causes

As part of our Setting the Table goals, 50% of all FTATT profits are donated to groups that advocate for a more diverse and inclusive world, in gaming and otherwise. Currently, we’re donating to TakeThis.org, a nonprofit that aims to decrease the stigma, and increase the support for, mental health in the game enthusiast community and inside the game industry.


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“A perfect gift!”

FTATT makes for a fun and engaging time with zero pressure or judgment on brand new players. My session was part of a present to a friend group, it’s a perfect gift!


Human Druid

“You’ll enjoy the game”

Walt runs a great session, guides well and balances players well. Whether you’ve never played, or have some experience, you’ll enjoy the game.


Human Rogue

“Engaged the ideas and playstyles of everyone”

I watched Walt walk a novice player through a first play session as he also engaged the ideas and playstyles of the more experienced folks at the table. Balancing these different needs while also creating a memorable adventure is no easy task, but he was able to do it *with funny character voices* too, just adding to the degree of difficulty.


Gnome Druid

“Now I understand!”

This was the first time I ever really played D&D. Earlier attempts to explain the game to me didn’t work, and I didn’t understand why people liked it so much. Now I understand!


Gnome Druid

“Everyone felt comfortable instantly”

I would recommend FTATT to anyone, whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been playing forever. Walt is a fantastic, thoughtful DM, excellent storyteller, and all around cool person who put together an incredibly fun custom one-shot for our party and even laughed at all our many puns! Everyone felt comfortable instantly and had a marvelous time. No matter your experience level with D&D, if you book a session with FTATT, you will have an absolute blast.


Half-Elf Paladin

“Get your start and learn how to play!”

Incredible experience. We had several people in our party who knew very little/nothing about the game. It was well planned, easy to follow, and fun. The perfect way to get your start and learn how to play!


Half-Elf Ranger

“A safe, no-judgement zone”

Prior to FTATT, I had always wondered what D&D would be like, but didn’t want to join friends on their campaigns because I worried a newbie would be an imposition. FTATT provided a safe, no-judgement zone to learn the game and ask questions!


Triton Cleric

“I have never laughed so hard in an evening, ever”

I did a one-off campaign with Walt when I was brand new to DnD and have never laughed so hard in an evening, ever. The story was so clever and he made it super easy to follow along as a new player. I had a serious blast! I’m now in a campaign of his that’s going on an entire year and let me tell you, this guy is a story-weaving genius. You couldn’t ask for a better DM than Walt!


Dwarf Fighter

“I felt like I had been playing all my life”

I was a D&D newbie. Walt gave a welcome smile and a tutorial in Elvish weapons and bad-assery. In no time, I felt like I had been playing all my life. Seriously, this was a lot of fun, and our entire group had a blast. Twenty-sided dice? Spells and charms? Dragons and demons? No Problem! Walt is a wonderful and inspiring guide who will encourage fair play and help grow your imagination.


Elf Wizard

“Absolutely blew my expectations out of the water”

I was terrified of playing D&D due to the expansiveness of the lore. I knew my friends and I would be interested in playing but I had no idea where to begin. Walt absolutely blew my expectations out of the water in terms of introducing my friends and I to the mechanics. The story he generated was simple enough to follow but had enough depth to genuinely suck us all in. I would 100% recommend FTATT to anyone interested in DnD regardless of experience.


Tiefling Ranger

“Good at making the whole process fun and simple for newbies (and oldies)”

Our playwrights’ group got together for an evening of virtual D&D, led by Walt, and we had a blast! Our group was a mix of people who had never played before, as well as a few people who had only sampled the game or (like me) had last played 20+ years ago. Walt’s such a great storyteller, so of course he crafted a great adventure for us, but he also was good at making the whole process fun and simple for newbies (and oldies).


Half-Elf Monk

“Encouraged to bring the silliness.”

I absolutely loved it. The whole game really came to life and felt real! I loved being encouraged to bring the silliness.


Half-Orc Bard

“Walt’s gaming expertise and ability to improvise on the fly have made our games more fun and engaging than any I’ve played before.”

Andy (Halfling Rogue)

“If you’re new to D&D, Walt is the PERFECT PERSON to guide you.  I knew nothing when I started playing, and as an expert, he’s generous, kind, and hilarious.”

Kate (Halfling Rogue)