Player Agreement & Safety Survey

We’re so excited to play D&D with you! To make sure your game is as fun as possible, please take a moment to review and submit our Player Agreement and Safety Policy. It only takes about a few minutes, and all players must have submitted their form before the game can be played.

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Player Agreement

Cancellation Policy

FTATT offers full refunds for canceled sessions, provided that we are notified at least 10 days before the scheduled event. This includes reductions to the number of players in your party. We can reschedule any session for no charge, provided we are given at least 72 hours notice.

FTATT is unable to offer partial refunds for same-day technical difficulties on the part of any party members. If the issue is widespread or large enough to require cancelation of the session, we will make every effort to reschedule for a new date, with possible discounts depending on the nature of the issue.

Player Behavior

FTATT asks that all players:

  • Be logged into the game’s Zoom meeting within 5 minutes of the designated start time
  • Keep their camera on during the session as much as possible
  • Plan to stay through the entire duration of the game
  • Limit background noise as much as possible
  • Not be under the influence of any drug to the extent where it hinders effective communication and collaboration
  • Be respectful of all other players, including the Dungeon Master (DM) running the session
  • Feel free to ask questions of the DM at any time, and allow other players to do the same

Requested Content Exclusions

Storytelling games can be very specific and personal, and FTATT understands that different players have different comfort levels with various topics. When filling out the Player Agreement below, please use the “Requested Topic Exclusions” field to list anything that you would prefer not to have included in your game.

These exclusions can be as broad or specific as you require. Some examples of player-requested exclusions from past games include: Swearing, Mind Control, Insects, Blood, Body Horror, Alcohol/Drug Use, and others.

The DM will review all excluded content requests for each game, compile them, and share them (without names attached) with the full group during the orientation period at the start of the session. Once the game begins, the DM will exclude all such content from the game, and should they accidentally bring something up, will make every immediate effort to go back and edit the scene so as to exclude it.

Permanent Content Exclusions

To keep the game welcoming to all, we ask that players refrain from describing, suggesting or invoking any of the following, whether as part of the game or in conversation during the session:

  • Racist, sexist, ableist or homophobic language, or hate speech of any kind
  • Sexual violence of any kind


If, during the course of the game, a player broaches an excluded topic, or is disruptive in any other way, the DM will provide a firm but friendly reminder to keep things within the established boundaries. If such warnings are not heeded, and player behavior continues to be an issue, the DM reserves the right to end the game for one, several, or all of the players. FTATT will refund half the registration fee of any removed players, with said refund being sent directly to the organizing group member who made the initial payment.